ถุงยางอนามัย: ข้อเท็จจริง

Condoms and condom for women to contraceptive type that can prevent sexually transmitted infection, and are available in various sizes, different flavors and types Also, condoms, some models can also help delay ejaculation for men or. Add pleasure to both couples.

The use of condoms should be quite easy. Carrying a condom should be packed in boxes or containers only. It is better to carry a purse because it may damage the condom. Please read the instructions on the box and check the expiration date before using.

Couples, either party may wear a condom, wash your hands first. To maintain hygiene If using oil or whatever it is (like ice cream ...?) To remove oil before oil will make condoms tear.  

Wear condoms for safe practices fully from the comfort. (But do not throw a condom until dry. The event, which is undesirable).  

Tear condoms from one corner. Beware lest teeth, fingernails or sharp objects such as jewelry or body piercings. Making condoms tear or scratch.

Check that roll a condom on the outside or, if not, it means that the back side. To be sure, gently blow into the condom. So that it's easier to unroll the condom on correctly or not.

Squeeze the bulb tip of the condom to expel air. And squeeze the bulb to Wear a condom on the penis and use your free hand. Swipe down to the base

If you feel that condoms reduce start up while you're having sex. Roll the condom back into the mouth. If the condom broke. Stop activity immediately put off and put a new one instead.  

When the male genital secretions but remained solid. Catch the mouth of the condom firmly, then slowly withdrawn and then take off the condom. Wrapped in toilet paper and trash. (Do not leave the toilet To protect the environment) do not use condoms all. If you plan to be on a mission for a long time. Please prepare to be ready

If you do not understand Please learn how to wear a condom here.

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