The more you know your body good. You can even find joy in your body is. Most women know the finger happiness anyway. But getting to know your own body will help you find happiness more profound.

the pubis

The pubic area is generally covered by public hair. (If you keep them) and often are areas that have not been paying attention. Petting pubic stimulates the clitoris and if you press gently. To help petals clitoris. (Like the foreskin of males) and revealing tops of gem hidden within.


The clitoris is the center of female sexual pleasure. It is the nerve center for many The enlarged when stimulated. In the same way the body of the male genitalia as each woman is different. Clitoris of them would have different sizes, shapes and sensitivity are stimulated by touch. Contact with the clitoris should start gently.

In the case of women who do not have the feeling of being exposed clitoris. The move leaves the penis to the back of the tongue or hand to reveal the clitoris to help the woman feel wonderful. Then enjoy the smooth heaven. Generally Women who have sex with my back up when the clitoris is stimulated. 


The vagina is an organ that must be mentioned when it comes to intercourse. The channels can be expanded to accommodate the implant with a finger or penis. Naturally, Unlike the vagina, the clitoris is not sensitive at times. Although the number of women will be happy when the G spot is touched or stimulated've addition, for some women. Near the top of the vagina or cervix called. The area is sensitive and can have sexual pleasure. Men who want to try to make people happy with a woman in that area should be gentle and careful, because every woman will love the taste area.  

Vagina to produce lubricating fluid comes out when I get the urge, however, may need lubrication more special weapon when dealing with a paradox of a man or be a battle raging violence.

Each woman has the strength of the muscles around the vagina differ, however, every woman can develop the muscles that provide strength increased by exercising muscles, Kegel will result in the circulation area. vaginal better It also helps in muscle strength and control as well.

For woman Kegel how management is done in several ways. Be it a jiggle balls, weighted cones, pressure-based contraptions and electrical pulse based toners (similar slimming belt), which uses a mild electrical current. (Causing pain) in the muscles moving freely. If you want to buy such a device is used. Have you choose a product that is known to be reliable.

Alternatively, stop the exercise Kegel manually is to insert a finger into the vagina, then twisted fingers to expand the muscles until muscle contractions fingers and then squeeze the muscles together and hold for the count of. repeat ten to twelve rounds regular exercise in this way will help you have a vaginal tightening as never felt before.

การออกกำลังกายแบบ Kegel อย่างสม่ำเสมอจะช่วยให้กล้ามเนื้อช่องคลอดแข็งแรง