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The more you know your body good. You can even find joy in your body is. And despite a lot to learn to be happy with themselves since their teens. The body of serious academic that it is also useful. Take the opportunity to know about your penis. And you will know that the time was not wasted.

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This is the main part of the penis is enlarged when disparaged. Men are often concerned with what I came to do a short, thin, some men will pay more attention to the look and size of genitals than women. By forgetting that penis size and shape, each with different advantages.

If you have a penis bend. You should see a doctor to diagnose the symptoms of the bends caused by a disorder or not. (Or perhaps due to injuries from the intense heat we had sex. In which case, you should be observed abnormal self) However, many men have a penis that is slightly curved. This is perfectly normal There is no reason to worry There is an advantage because it makes contact with the genitals of the female G-spot easier.

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The most sensitive parts of the penis is the tip of the penis. Most sensitive, followed by the neck and genitals, the line connecting the body parts together. Which bordered on the impulse will be given happiness to a man and a point that should be avoided in case of problems with premature ejaculation.

When stimulated The tip of the penis to swell and darken. In some people will grow out fully. (Sometimes referred to as the mushroom head) with a distal penis size may have difficulty wearing a condom. But Durex has helped him. Dealing with such problems by producing condoms fit the penis shapes.  

Pipe tip of penis

The pipe is a pipe that serves penis ejaculation when a man orgasms. While some men are satisfied with the contact area. Guy number one looked to me unbearable. You should exercise caution in touching the affected area also drop or insert any object. Through pipes, such behavior is not going to do it. The object may be stuck inside the tubes. And you have to be admitted to hospital.


One male circumcision, foreskins leave for religious reasons. Some reasons of hygiene (For example If the foreskin is too tight. The circumcision is a good choice for the hygiene of sex organs) of the foreskin that protects the tip of the penis and helps to orgasm manually seamless, so the young man who sported a leather jacket. the penis may need to use lubricant in such activities.

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